Simmone Logue Double Bay

Friday 19th September 2014

Pho Ga - Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup with Fresh Mint and Coriander

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, and House Dressing

Vietnamese Chicken Salad with Rice Noodles, Crispy Shallot, Fresh Herbs and Chilli Dressing

Bacon and Egg Frittata served with Garden Salad

Freshly Baked Spanakopita with Fresh Lemon and Greek Salad

Chicken Schnitzel with Roasted Vegetables

Slow Braise Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Preserved Lemon, Cinnamon, and Dates, served with Fruity Cous Cous

Dessert: Assorted Sweets, Cupcakes and Fruit Muffins


Simmone Logue Cammeray

Friday 19th September 2014    

Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Soup served with Fresh Sourdough

Chicken, Sweet Corn and Noodle Soup

Pumpkin and Ginger Soup served with Fresh Sourdough

Fresh Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Tofu, Prawn or Chicken, served with Soy Dipping Sauce

Nicoise Trout Salad with Asparagus and Blood Orange

Brown Rice Salad with Spinach, Tofu, and Pickled Ginger

Slow Braise Beef with Dijon, served with Creamy Potato Mash

Dessert: Vanilla Slice with Passionfruit Icing